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Everything about Export Market Promotion Scheme (EMP)



The Export Market Promotion Scheme (EMP) is a Central Government Scheme implemented by the Government of India through the Coir Board. This scheme aims to improve the export performance of the Indian Coir Industry. It is considered to be the largest producer and exporter of coir in the world with a share of 70% of yarn, semi-finished raw materials, and 75% of finished coir products in global trade.


What are the components of the Scheme during the XII Plan?

The activities implemented during XI Plan will continue to be implemented under the scheme of Export Market Promotion during the XII Five-Year Plan:

  • Delegations, Consultancy & Information Sourcing
  • Participation in International seminars and conferences and organizing capacity-building programs in export-related areas
  • Participation in international fairs/product promotion programs, catalogue shows, and organizing exclusive international fairs and buyer-seller meets for coir.
  • The external market development assistance scheme.


What are the Eligibility Criteria?

The EMP scheme is applicable to the following entities:

  • Manufacturers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Exporters of Coir


Documents Required

The below-listed documents are to be submitted along with the application form for the Exporter & RCMC Registration:

  • Scanned Copy of IE Code
  • Scanned copy of the Signed Purchase Order
  • A Bank Certificate showing the Financial status of your Account
  • Copy of Pan Card
  • Copy of Small Scale Industry (SSI) Certificate/ Coir Board Industrial Establishment Certificate
  • Copy of Partnership – Self Attested
  • Limited Company (Memorandum Article of Association)
  • An Affidavit/ Declaration in your Company letterhead for submitting the export details to Coir Board every month without fail
  • Demand Draft


What is the procedure to register EMP?

To register for the Export Market Promotion (EMP) Scheme, the entities have to follow the below-mentioned procedure:

Access the Portal

Step 1: Firstly, the entities have to visit the official portal of  to apply for this scheme.

New Login Registration

Step 2: Registered users can only log in to apply for this scheme. For a new registration, the applicants will have to follow the ‘New Login Registration’ procedure.

Step 3: Now, the applicant has to log in with the following details:

    • User Name
    • Aadhar Card details
    • e-Mail Address
    • Security question

Note: The applicant has to enter the captcha before confirming the login.

Step 4: Upon completion, the username and password will be intimated via SMS of the applicant’s registered mobile number.

Login into Portal

Step 5: In the login page, type the user name and password received through email/SMS and click “Sign In”.

Note: The applicant will be asked to change the password and has to re-login with new login credentials.

Step 6: After successful login, the applicant will be redirected to the Home Page.

Registration Types

Step 7: The EMO scheme has the following two phases of registrations:

    • Exporter & RCMC Registration
    • Export Market Development Assistance (EMDA)

Exporter & RCMC Registration

Step 8: Now, the applicant has to click on the “+Registration” option from the menu list.

Step 9: Then, the applicant has to select the “+Exporter” option from the menubar and select the “-Registration” Button.

Fill In the Right Credentials

Step 10: Now enter all the mandatory details in the application form.

Note: The application forms can be had either from the HO of the Coir Board or downloaded from the official website.

Print the Acknowledgement Slip

Step 11: Take a Print of the Exporter Registration and RCMC Registration submitted the application form from the Portal and can send it to Coir Board along with the Demand draft



What are the eligible items of the Expenditure & Funding Pattern?

a.Scales of assistance for participation in BSMs/ delegations/Seminars & Conferences

  1. Eligible Items: Participation charges including airfare (for one representative from one enterprise/ exporter).
  2. The scale of assistance: 100% economy class air fare In the case of any registration/participation charges for BSMs/delegations/ Seminars it would also be reimbursed along with air

b.Scales of assistance for participation in fairs abroad:

1. Eligible Items: Space rent (built-up stall) Charges fixed by the organizers and to be verified by Coir Board before making payment.

2. The scale of assistance: 100% of the space rent subject to a maximum of Rs. 1.00 lakh or actual rent paid, whichever is lower (for one representative from each participating


Coir Board would take the following measures for the effective implementation of the Scheme:-

(i) Publicize the scheme among the exporters and entrepreneurs through appropriate media and the programs organized by Coir Board field offices.
(ii) Stipulate suitable measures to facilitate smooth implementation of the scheme.
(iii) Stipulate the documentation procedures for preliminary application and claim application to the extent possible.
(iv) Evolve suitable modalities for speedy implementation of the scheme by disposing of the applications and claims as stipulated in the Citizen Charter and ISO documents.
(v) Maintain a data bank on assistance applied for and sanctioned.


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